Production studios

The new production studios will be made available to professional artists so that they can explore new techniques and open their practices to other media. An indispensable site for visual arts creation and display, the Darling Foundry is thus enhancing its activities by providing an extensively equipped multidisciplinary production facility.

This offer, the only one of its kind in Montréal, is complemented by innovative training courses based on the exchange and pooling of technical skills. By encouraging the sharing of expertise, the Darling Foundry hopes to strengthen collaborations within the Montréal art community.

Ever since the former industrial building was converted into a visual arts centre, which then added spaces for local and international artist residencies, the Darling Foundry has always promoted a spirit of cooperation by supporting the creation and display of works by emerging artists. This is why it was seen as important to make state-of-the-art equipment accessible at a very affordable membership price.

Modernization of the production studios made it possible to create a safe environment that considerably improves the conditions for producing artworks, thanks in particular to the installation of a high-ventilation, insulation, and soundproofing system.

The Ville de Montréal has contributed to the realization of the production studios and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.

The studios, divided into different stations, offer an exceptional multifunctional work environment.



CNC station: computerized cutting machine for wood, metal, plastic

Wood station: saw bench, mounting module, wood saw, milling machine, surface planner, band saw, belt sander, eccentric sander, radial miter saw, greenhouse assortment, drill press table, manual and pneumatic tools, nailer

Metal station: band saw for metal, heavy duty grinder, semi-automatic welder, cut-off saw, angle grinder     

Paint station: ventilated room

Ceramics station: ceramics kiln         



The Darling Foundry operates in a spirit of sharing and exchange on the social economy enterprise model. Access to resources and equipment associated with the production studios is therefore subject to the condition of becoming a user-member.

The Darling Foundry offers two membership plans:

Unlimited access for one year: $600
This introductory price includes: access to all equipment in the production studios in the time slots available, introduction to its use by a technician, and all benefits offered to active members of the Darling Foundry.


Unlimited access for one month: $100
This introductory price includes: access to all equipment in the production workshops in the time slots available and introduction to its use by a technician.

The production workshops will open on Monday, May 14, 2018. It is already possible for you to get your monthly or annual membership, and book time slots to use one of the work stations.

Users must pay the totality of membership to access to the production studios.

To become a member, please send an email to Alfonso Esparza :

or by phone : 514-392-1554



From Monday to Friday, 9pm - 4pm.


Users can make a reservation at

or by phone : 514-759-9815



To guide artists in their research, training programs are offered regularly throughout the year at accessible prices.

Coming courses:

-        Initiation to tools in the metal station : Thursday, May 17 & 24, 6pm - 9pm. (More here)

-        Initiation to tools in the wood station

-        Introduction to using the ceramics kiln

-        Introduction to using the CNC cutting machine       

Dates, hours and prices for the courses will be announced soon.



For the creation of its production studios, the Darling Foundry benefited from the support of the Ville de Montréal.