Performance : André Fortino

André Fortino feels the need to use his body in his work and be guided by his intuition and instinct, allowing himself to cross the border of existing norms to access a primitive freedom. As a multidisciplinary artist, although his favorite medium is performance, he also uses installation, video and painting as means of expression. Energy, animality, strength, constraints and possibilities of the body are issues or patterns explored in his performative works that all offer opportunities to enjoy new experiences.

Since 2009, André Fortino has been working on a video triptych, his most ambitious work so far. The project began with a filmed performance called Hôtel Dieu, resulting from the unauthorized entry into an abandoned building in which objects and architecture invited to produce a number of actions and improvised reactions. Repeating these initial actions in other places, Fortino realized Paysages Sauvages, a work that took more than a year of research and filming. This second part of the triptych led him to think about the transposition of the first work to outdoor and other indoor spaces, reflecting either the energy or the composition of the initial scenes. With Le Corps des Formes, he collaborated with a choreographer to rethink the partition value of the first video, and confronted a different way of working with performance and the body. Presented together, the three components offer moments of encounter, through places of correspondences, gestures or movements.

For his exhibition in Montreal, Fortino will reperform in front of an audience Le Corps des Formes, choreographed by Katharina Chrislt, adapting it to the spaces of the Darling Foundry.