Nuit des débats

The Darling Foundry will take part in the Nuit des débats, an event taking place simultaneously in Paris, Dakar and Montreal. Citizens of Montreal are invited to an evening of discussion and debate about issues related to the Place Publique 2017 and the appropriation of public space by art.

For the past 10 years, the Darling Foundry has taken over Ottawa street every summer and transformed it into a space of gathering and artistic expression. Ottawa street, renamed Place Publique for the occasion, brings together many key actors and speakers, including Montreal's four universities. Throughout the summer, the Place Publique will be activated in various ways: a series of performances, in situ artwork realized by Concordia University students and a bar/terrace designed by UQAM students.

Citizens of Montreal are invited to take part in this debate so that Place Publique can be a space of common construction and creation from its design to its implementation. 

The debate will be held in French.