Place Publique

Since 2007, Place Publique has established itself every summer on Ottawa Street as a space dedicated to the visual arts and its expanded audience. Site-specific artworks, performances and workshops enliven the space and transform it into an interactive platform by bringing together artists and citizens. By way of a variety of activities, the general public is thus invited to experience unique aesthetic experiences in a friendly and festive, open-air environment. By creating this site of expression, the Darling Foundry affirms the role of art in enriching the community's well-being and quality of life.

The Darling Foundry aims to make Place Publique a permanent project that will be animated throughout the year. Never-ending constructions, noise, visual and air pollution, cars everywhere… It is high time to establish a space dedicated to the citizens in a neighbourhood increasingly shaken by the destruction of old buildings, the construction of new ones and the traffic of multiple vehicles. Conceived as a space of collaborative construction from the inception to the realization, Place Publique aims thus at being a portion of asphalt appropriated by artists and citizens. Let’s ask for a permanent Place Publique dedicated to citizens, arts and ecology in Griffintown! 

A petition for a permanent Place Publique in Griffintown is available via this link and at the Darling Foundry.

A sit-in is also scheduled on Place Publique on Thursday, 20 September 2018 (more information will follow).


From June 21 to August 16, 2018

Place Publique 2018

6 pm

For the 11th edition of Place Publique, the Darling Foundry offers neighborhood residents and art enthusiasts an exploratory, diversified and participative program. While reaffirming its role as an artistic…

From June 15 to August 17, 2017

Place Publique 2017

6 pm

This edition marks the 10th anniversary of the Place Publique and is a major event for the Darling Foundry, participating in the social and artistic dynamism of the City of Montreal. The 2017 programming,…

From June 30 to August 11, 2016

Place Publique 2016

7:30 pm to 10 pm

FILIATIONS - PERFORMANCE SERIES  Place Publique hosts four evenings of performances in order to reveal the connections between artists. For the past 10 years, the Darling Foundry has enlivened its Place…

From June 18 to August 12, 2015

Place publique 2015

7 pm

Summer is just around the corner and the Darling Foundry is already busy concocting an ambitious project on the square that is opened to the public in front of its premises during the summer season. In…

From June 19 to September 26, 2014

Place Publique 2014

7 pm

For the eighth year in a row, the Darling Foundry expands its activities outdoors by occupying the Ottawa street between Queen and Prince streets. During the summer 2014, the Darling Foundry's ephemeral…

From July 11 to August 24, 2013

Place Publique 2013

7 pm

In 2013, swirls of smoke were floating all summer long over the Darling Foundry’s Place Publique. With its trademark caustic wit, the trio BGL has chosen to take over that space by showing Chicha Muffler,…

From June 14 to September 27, 2012

Place Publique 2012

7 pm

In 2012, visitors gathered all summer long in front of the Darling Foundry and enjoyed the picnic tables designed by Mathieu Beauséjour to admire the impressive Courte-Pointe by Philippe Allard and Justin…

From July 28 to October  6, 2011

Place Publique 2011

7 pm

In the summer of 2011, the Place Publique was organised around Plat-form, a sculpture by Alexandre David which fits somewhere between furniture and architecture. Plat-form also allowed to the Torontonian  Malcolm…

From June 17 to August 29, 2010

Place Publique 2010

7 pm

The 2010 theme of the Place Publique was Fugue urbaine, an in situ cavalcade with artworks of Canadian and international artists that intertwined with the urban fabric in a neighbourhood facing increasing…

From July 16 to September  3, 2009

Place Publique 2009

7 pm

From July 16th to September 3rd 2009, the Place Publique of the Darling Foundry has stressed the value of artistic performances thanks to an audacious program. These performances gathered enthousiasts again…

From June 26 to August 31, 2008

Place Publique 2008

7 pm

The second edition of the Place Publique was full of public art and events with audacious installations and lively days. Following up on his 2007 vegetation wall, the French artist Jean-Paul Ganem used…

From August 12 to November  1, 2007

Place Publique 2007

7 pm

For the first time, an artistic platform has been settled every Thursday of the summer 2007 and has allowed new visitors to discover the Darling Foundry. The extended hours of the center and the gratuity…