Residency Programs


The Darling Foundry is a visual arts centre located in the west end of Old Montreal, whose exceptional architectural spaces support the research, creation, production and dissemination of emerging artists.

International exchanges bring forth a mix of cultures, they stimulate creativity, and they create sustainable links between nations. In recognition of the important role international artists and curators in residence play at the Darling Foundry, our participants are welcomed to take advantage of our housing accommodations, where four different studio-residencies are available to them.

At the Darling Foundry, artists and curators have the opportunity to devote themselves entirely to their artistic practice while living in a new country. They are quickly immersed within the Montreal arts scene where they are encouraged to create professional and personal relationships. They also benefit from the unique industrial character of the building, which compliments the creation, and production of their artistic and curatorial ambitions. Studio visits, educational activities, exhibitions, and doors-open events are frequently organized, increasing the likelihood of professional and social integration between artists and curators in the local community.


With an outstanding architectural design, the Darling Foundry offers various opportunities for artistic research, creation, production, and exhibition. It is comprised of private studios, residencies, workshops, art galleries, a restaurant and offices over a 3500 m2 surface.

Located in the post-industrial neighborhood of Old-Montreal, the four studio-residencies for international artists and curators are designed to stimulate research and creativity. They include:

  • Bright and functional workspaces, accessible at all times;
  • A mezzanine living space and a small kitchen located inside the studio;
  • Wood and metal workshops supervised by experienced technicians;
  • Access to communal areas: bathroom, shower room, large kitchen, dining room, and rooftop terrace;high-speed internet connection
  • Local and international artists within your immediate vicinity.

 In addition, each resident is invited to participate in open studio activities, studio visits by art professionals, networking events, and excursions.


The Darling Foundry is like a great big family, where the artists and curators in residence have access to several amenities, including:

  • Personalized assistance by the Residency Coordinator;
  • A support network to help guide artists within the city;
  • Contacts and resources necessary for research and/or production;
  • A dedicated support staff who will answer all questions and requests;
  • The ability to participate in organized open-studios events, visits from arts professionals who live and work within the local community, networking events, artist talks, and excursions across Québec; and
  • An opportunity to discover and appreciate the richness of the Canadian landscape at a residency located outside the city perimeters.


Thanks to its artistic rigor, the Darling Foundry has built its reputation upon the quality of its programs. Artists and curators in residence are selected by professional juried committees, who deliberate the relevancy and integrity of the candidates’ artistic approaches.

Several methods of selection are made possible:

  • The partner country makes a preliminary selection, and the portfolios of the five shortlisted candidates are sent to the Darling Foundry for a final decision;
  • The Darling Foundry administers the reception, administration, and selection of candidates by organizing a panel of local arts professionals to make the final decision


Various partnerships are possible, ranging from full support of a residency candidate, to simply funding their use of a workshop. Prices listed are in Canadian dollars:

  •  Studio residency: $1,500 CAD/month
  • Suggested living expenses: $500 CAD/week
  • Suggested production grant: $1,500 CAD
  • Estimated round trip airfare: $1,500 CAD
  • Administration: 20% of the overall budget (minimum $1,000 CAD)
  • Promotion and accompaniment: $2,000 CAD
  • Jury committee organized by the Darling Foundry (optional): $1,000 CAD



Our residencies are promoted using various media outlets:



Canada Council for the Arts
Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec
Conseil des Arts de Montréal
Ministère des Relations internationales du Québec
Fonds franco-québécois pour la coopération décentralisée
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication Français
Sous-direction des Affaires Européennes et Internationales
Consulat Général de France à Québec
Mairie de Paris
Ville de Marseille
Région PACA
Institut Français

Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg


Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation
Creative India Foundation
Tata Steel Foundation
Chadha Family Foundation
Fondation Entreprise Ricard
Christoph Merian Foundation/ IAAB Foundation
Museum of contemporary Art Seoul
Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow


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