Caroline Andrieux

Founder, General and Artistic Director

As founder and artistic director of the Quartier Éphémère cultural association, Caroline Andrieux has been involved in the rehabilitation of the Darling Foundry, a unique art center in Montreal fostering the creation, production and display of visual artworks that she has been leading since its inception. She is particularly interested in consolidating artists’ presence in the city and in affirming art’s role in our society. By creating several venues enabling artists to come into contact with the public as well as by carrying out site-specific projects, Caroline Andrieux actively contributes to the recognition of contemporary art and especially to the promotion of emerging artists.

Holding a D.E.A. degree in Art History from the Sorbonne (Paris) and a pursuing a doctoral degree at the same school jointly with UQAM (Contemporary Art), Caroline Andrieux has curated various exhibitions and major events in Montreal, among them Intérieur by Olivia Boudreau (2012), In Union by Milutin Gubash (2013) and Cadrer la Fumée / Framing smoke by Nicolas Lachance (2014). In recognition of her active commitment to contemporary art, in 2002, Caroline Andrieux received the title of Chevalière des Arts et des Lettres du Gouvernement français. 


10 ANS Ma Darling!, 2012, 20 min, video, direction de Lise Courtès