Pascale Théorêt-Groulx / 9.8 Mètres par seconde par seconde


Small Gallery

Pascale Théorêt-Groulx explores the dichotomy between science and the human being, between the scholarly, irrevocable, and theoretical aspects of one and the clumsy, affective, and perceptible aspects of the other. Through installations, sculptures, and… See more

Barbara Steinman / Diving for Dreams


Main hall

A careful observer of what she once called “layers of impermanence,” that is the intertwined pathways of time and History, of individual and collective memory, Barbara Steinman invites visitors to consider the space of the Darling Foundry—a building located… See more


Plateforme de lecture

For the summer season, the Darling Foundry’s Reading Platform previews the forthcoming titles from Vancouver/Toronto-based publisher Information Office. Information Office (Derek Barnett, Jonathan Middleton, Emma Walter) approaches publishing as a meeting… See more


Place publique

Nicole Fournier's artistic practice is based on interdisciplinarity, weaving together aspects of public art, participatory performance, collaboration, cultural mediation and ecovention.  The concept of ecovention applies to an intervention in eco-art,… See more