22/02/18 - 06/05/18


The title of this group exhibition, Drinkers of Quintessences, is taken from Charles Baudelaire’s poem Loss of a Halo in which the author relates the experience of an artist who inadvertently lost his…

08/09/17 - 30/09/18


Gilbert Boyer


CLUES TO SOMETHING ON THE CUSP OF DISAPPEARING     Permis10h57 is an in situ work by Montreal artist Gilbert Boyer, whose subject and object are both the urban fabric and the pedestrians who walk through…

14/06/17 - 31/12/12

EmballeToi! Landscape (2012-3012)

Nicole Fournier

Place publique

Nicole Fournier's artistic practice is based on interdisciplinarity, weaving together aspects of public art, participatory performance, collaboration, cultural mediation and ecovention. The concept of…