The exhibition Drinkers Of Quintessences borrows its title to an expression from the Charles Baudelaire poem, «The loss of halo ». It offers an original look at a strong trend in contemporary artistic creation, in Quebec, and internationally, namely taking a stand against the current of the entertainment economy. Favoring a distancing of the author from his work, or limiting the art object to a simple monochrome, a campfire or openwork fabric, each artist criticizes the notion of work and the spectacular effects sought by many contemporary endeavors.

Through voluntarily minimal works, seemingly empty of content, ephemeral and questioning the materiality of the art object, the exhibition directs the visitor towards a spiritual horizon and calls for reflection beyond the gaze.

The exhibition echoes Ultra Vide, the inaugural exhibition of the Darling Foundry in 2002. Drinkers of Quintessences attempts to explore this theme from a new angle, adding an updated critical dimension.

The exhibition will also be presented in January 2019 at Casino Luxembourg – Forum of Contemporary Art.

Artists: Fortner Anderson (QC), Steve Bates (QC), Marie-Claire Blais (QC), Olivia Boudreau (QC), Claude Closky (FR), Marie Cool (FR) & Fabio Balducci (IT), Alexandre David (QC), Adriana Disman (QC), Kitty Kraus (GER), Stéphane La Rue (QC), Kelly Mark (ON), János Súgar (HUN).