What are the rates?

Please contact us to know more about our rates. We offer special rates for the rental of both spaces simultaneously, as well as discounts for non-for profit organizations.

What are the rental hours?

From 9AM to 3AM the next morning when the galleries are available all day. When exhibitions are set up, it is possible to rent the galleries from 7PM.  

When are the rooms available for rent?

When there are no exhibitions in the Darling Foundry, the rooms are available all day.  The schedule is fixed with the client, according to the needs of the event.
During exhibitions, the rooms are available after and outside our opening hours: Mon/Tues: anytime, Thurs: after 10PM, other days: after 7PM
We do not have exhibitions in the Main Gallery during the following time periods: list forthcoming. 
Dates may be subject to change. Please feel free to call or email info@fonderiedarling.org.

What is the maximum capacity?

Main Gallery:

Sit-down dinner: 300 persons
Cocktail: 300 persons

Small Gallery:

Cocktail: 90 persons

What are the room measurements?

Main Gallery:

5000 sq. ft. (1524 m²), 37 ft. high (11 meters)

Small Gallery:

1300 sq. ft. (396 m²)

Is there a catering service?

Exclusive caterer: Le Serpent restaurant.

Is it possible to set up a bar?

The Darling Foundry has a liquor license. The Société des alcool du Québec (SAQ) or any authorized distributor must stamp every bottle. For more information contact info@fonderiedarling.org.

Is the terrace in the Place Publique on Ottawa Street included in the rental package?

The terrace is accessible from April to October.

Is it possible to park near the building?

Two open air parking lots are located nearby. See map.

Is it possible to rent the galleries when exhibitions are set up?

It is possible to rent the galleries after 7PM when exhibitions are closed to the public.