Javier González Pesce

"My work has a socializing vocation. I produce situations that can motivate interaction between people. Communication emerges or happens in unexpected ways in which interaction is a result of the experience of relating with a volumetric piece that leads us to an undefined encounter with the other. I am interested in communication when it happens under rules with unfamiliar logics. I use what I do as an artist to investigate different types of language and ways in which people can establish connections on different levels. I am very interested in questioning our conventions on the way we comprehend space, relations, time, structures or communication." Javier González Pesce


Visual artist and independent curator. Lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialized in sculpture, ARCIS University (2008). Undergraduate Scholar at the School of Visual Arts at the Diego Portales University. He has exhibited his work individually and collectively in Chile and collectively in Argentina, United States, Switzerland, Greece and China. He has been nominated Altazor Awards in the category Sculpture (2012) and won the first Price at the Young Art Contest of the Visual Arts Museum and Minera Escondida (2012). His work has been exhibited among others at Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Visual Arts Museum, National Museum of Fine Arts, Chile. Participated at events like the Beijing 798 Biennale, China and the 11th Biennial of Media Art, Santiago, Chile.Has been working as independent curator since 2010 related with several institutions in Chile and aboard. Since 2011 co-directs the space LOCAL Contemporary Art.

Recent exhibitions


El ser tan Bella no te da Derecho a Destruir (Being so Beautiful does not give you the Right to Destroy), solo exhibition, Visual Arts Museum, Santiago, Chile


11 New Media Biennale, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile

Coreografía Fantasma, Solo exhibition, Armada Gallery, Santiago, Chile


The Phantom Limb, group show, Open Show Studio, Athens, Greece


798 Beijing Biennale, Linda Gallery, Beijing, China