Place Publique 2017

In order to dynamize the Place Publique 2017, a crowdfunding campaign has raised funds for the public work of art Unité d'habitation, by Antoine Caron.

Since 2007, Place Publique has established itself every summer on Ottawa Street as a space dedicated to the visual arts and the public. Site-specific artwork, performances and workshops animate and transform the space to become an interactive platform, bringing together artists and citizens. Through a variety of activities, the general public is thus led to experience unique aesthetic experiences in a convivial and festive, open-air environment. By offering this place of expression, the Darling Foundry affirms the role of art as enriching the well-being and the quality of life of the community.

This new edition marks the 10th anniversary of the Place Publique and constitutes a major event for the Darling Foundry, participating in the social and artistic dynamism of the City of Montreal. The 2017 programming, directly in resonance with the summer exhibition dedicated to the work of Alison Knowles, The House of Dust, this year brings together numerous participants from the four Montreal universities. Thought as a space of co-construction from its conception to its realization, the Place Publique will, once again, this year be a portion of asphalt that is transformed through the reappropriation of space by both artists and citizens.

In this spirit, students from Concordia, UQAM and McGill participated in thinking about the Place Publique 2017 and in the future of this space by addressing artistic (Concordia), architectural (McGill) or urban (UQAM) questions. Supervised respectively by Sinisha Bdrar and Michael Robinson, students from UQAM and Concordia have made proposals specifically for the Place Publique 2017, UQAM designing their proposals for the Bar/Terasse and Concordia for the artwork. Starting in June, you will be able to enjoy the Bar/Terasse, made by one of the student groups from UQAM, as well as discover the art piece Unité d’habitation by Antoine Caron, the winner from Concordia. Moreover, each Thursday from the 15th of June to the 17th of August, there will be opportunity to participate in many free events surrounding visual arts, including performances, music, poetry, etc. in a friendly and festive environment. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer at the Place Publique!


June 29: Echenberg Rachel / St Jean Aubre Stephanie / Adriana Disman
July 6: RIPA
July 13: Baker Khadija / Compton Ben / Patterson Andrew
July 20: Cercle Carré
July 27: Théorêt Groulx Pascale / Van de geer Jacqueline / Shandor Hassan
August 3: Bodies in Dark Times
August 10: Arzapalo Alfonso / Bosowec Christina / Charlebois Vincent
August 17: GIV