Montreal Studios

In a building adjacent to its exhibition spaces, the Darling Foundry opened 12 studios in 2006, including several high-end live-in work spaces, as well as production spaces. Located in a three-floor former warehouse that has been renovated while preserving the original wood and brickwork, the studios the studios are harmonious, bright and inspiring. Eight of these studios are reserved exclusively for Montreal-based visual artists wishing to further their careers, while four accommodate international artists-in-residence. Two additional spaces are kept for production purposes.

In the aim of assisting artists in attaining their professional potential and promoting current artistic practices to the public, the Darling Foundry regularly hosts visits from professionals and offers a variety of educational activities. The studios are rented for a modest fee based on three-year leases; artists are expected to use their space on a regular basis for the duration of their contract.

The rent of a studio includes:

 - A workshop supervised by technicians offers a variety of production and finishing possibilities; wood- and metal working equipment, tools, and various materials are made available to the artists. Other shared amenities include a kitchen and dining area, as well as washrooms.

- Common areas: kitchen, living room, bathrooms.

- Maintenance of common areas

- Heating

- Electricity

- High speed internet

Each resident can participate in events open to the public, visits of professionals in the artworld, and social networking events.

Selection of candidates

Candidates will be selected by a professional committee, based on the quality of their work and the potential impact of a residency on the candidate’s career. Artists’ suitability for an exhibition at the Darling Foundry will also be taken into account. The Foundry aims for balanced representation in the selection will aim to ensure equal representation of male and female artists.

Guided Visits

For guided visits of Montreal studios, please contact

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