The FFILES / The Mouth of Every Cave Will One Day Close


The ffiles (Formerly the XX Files) is an intersectional feminist media collective grounded in community radio. Through innovative programming, the collective produces work that explores our current technological landscape in the broadest sense. Their work reflects an interest in themes that center around but are not limited to transmission practices, sound healing, noise, techno-feminisms, and the voice. The current team is composed of Amanda Harvey, Miranda Jones, Julia Dyck, Sophy Merizzi and Sophie Marisol.



The ffiles radio collective invites you to join us for a free workshop at Fonderie Darling. 

To begin our evening of embodied listening practices, the ffiles welcomes participants to come play with sounding, reading, and composition. This workshop will explore subjectivity and the transformative potential of sound. Participants will engage with multiple forms of transmission and explore the medium of radio as a means for collective listening that promotes community engagement. 

Please contact ffiles radio collective at to confirm your spot and your interest in the workshop portion of this event. We will send you the literature that we will be moving through together during the workshop. Drop-ins are also welcome, but we aim to create an intimate, and meaningful experience for attendees. 

*Masks are mandatory, and we ask that participants remain distant from each other as we collectively navigate and remain accountable for the proper ways to gather safely during the pandemic. 

**Please bring your own pen and paper.



The ffiles collective (fka XX Files) will present a performance-installation that offers a space to hold and be held within a flux of sensorial networks. Drawing on the haptic potential of sound and the voice, this work investigates alternative forms of intimacy and connectivity.  

In this moment where touch and physical proximity are limited, the ffiles aim to create a space that employs sound as a stand-in for touch, and as a tool of collective experience. Always present within their work is an emphasis on creating and cultivating modes of queerness, community and connection. This work resists the screen, resists the surveillance-state and aims to bring participants into their bodies for a shared experience.



[5:00-5:20pm] Introductions/Warm-up

[5:20-5:30pm] Brief talk on transmission listening

[5:30-5:50pm] Phantom Words by Diana Deutschs

(Break time)

[5:55-6:20pm] Reading Exercise : Excerpt of Telematic Embrace, by Roy Ascott. 

[6:20-6:50pm] Telepathic Dance, shared by Alice Chauchat ; Cosmos on the Beach Exercisesshared by Linda Blomqvist, Madeleine Lindh and Sandra Lolax.                                                                                 

[6:50-7:00pm] Discussion

[8:00-8:30pm] Performance-installation: The Mouth of Every Cave Will One Day Close


This event is realized in collaboration with the Ada X center (previously known as Studio XX).

A bilingual feminist artist-run center engaged in exploration, creation and critical reflection in media arts and digital culture, Ada X supports the production and dissemination of the work of women, trans, non-binary and queer artists.