Place Publique 2019

Wishing to reach a specific local public - workers and residents of the neighborhood - the curator of this 12th edition of Place Publique launches a call for projects to performers and collectives who rethink the nuances of participatory experience and the parameters of collaboration. How are these strategies actualized today, thirty years after the transformations of art made by the social performative practices of the 1990s ? For example, how do they relate to Relational Aesthetics and its critical re-readings ? Do they contrast with another tradition or present a new artistic paradigm ?

Through the ephemeral interactive installation, the destabilizing experience between the real and the performed, the collective creation inspired by subcultures of DIY universes, or through indirectly educational and pedagogical methods, artists are invited to propose the exploration of new forms of engagement with the viewer. By promoting critical and experimental practices, the Darling Foundry wishes to open a dialogue on issues of passivity, authoritarian construction of knowledge and the shocks and antagonisms that modulate our relations between the individual and the group. 

The Darling Foundry offers :

- An artist fee of $250 CAD;

- Travel expenses up to $250 CAD for artists located outside of Montreal;

- Logical and technical assistance leading up to and during the event;

- Promotion and photographic documentation of the event.