Place Publique 2020

The theme for Place Publique 2020 is synchronized with the group show presented from June 11 to August 23, 2020: FEEDBACK, Marshall McLuhan and the arts, a travelling project composed of exhibitions and publics programs initiated in 2017 by German-Canadian curator Baruch Gottlieb. Launched in 2017, FEEDBACK aims to produce a context of visual and media arts inviting audiences to concretely engage and address issues of technological transformation. Taking inspiration from the Toronto thinker of technologies and communications Marshall McLuhan, FEEDBACK is composed of a collective exhibition bringing together contemporary visual arts and archives from the Marshall McLuhan Institute (Toronto), as well as a series of public programs (performances, workshops, symposia) operating on a recursive model: each new iteration integrates and processes the materials generated in preceding versions, in tune with the presentation context. 

First shown in the Netherlands (The Hague), the project has travelled in Germany (Berlin, Leipzig, Karlsruhe) and in North America (Windsor/Detroit). In 2020, marking the 40th anniversary of McLuhan's passing away, the Darling Foundry proposes a 5th iteration in Montreal, bringing together a major Canadian thinker and contemporary artists—who, according to McLuhan, have the power of providing us with a new vision and new abilities to get used to a new situation and relate to it.


More info on preceding versions of FEEDBACK: 

• FEEDBACK #1: THE HAGUE                                      


• FEEDBACK #3: KZM / KARLSRUHE