Evening of Performances: Adva Zakaï / Julie Favreau + Anne Thériault

For this evening of performances organized as part of Julie Favreau's exhibition Délicat Pulse, we will present Doux, a collaboration between Julie Favreau and Anne Thériault, and by Adva Zakaï, a special creation in reaction to Julie Favreau's exhibition. Both performances are presented in collaboration with Usine C and Actoral Festival.

Performance / Canada 

Through the works of her exhibition Délicat Pulse, Julie Favreau questions the limits objects and the body, plays with shadows and ambiguities, revealing the power of intimacy in our relationships with ourselves, space and others. Written in collaboration with Anne Thériault, the starting points of the performance are eroticism, senses and material.

Since 2005, Anne Thériault worked as an interpreter with Marie Brassard, Nicolas Cantin, Danièle Desnoyers, Frédérick Gravel, Jean-Sébastien Lourdais, Frédéric Tavernini and Dave St-Pierre. She really valorizes collaborations since 2004, in particular the ones developped with Martin Messier, Lynda Gaudreau, and with some collectives like La 2e Porte à Gauche, Le P.I.Q.U.A.N.T and POP. Anne also shares her practice and artistic values through teaching.

Performance/ Europe

Adva Zakaï, choreographer, performer and curator, explores various fields of performance. Through a constant dialogue between body and language, she questions the notions of experiment and performance within exhibitions subjected to participative modes and scenic features. Invited by Julie Favreau and Marie Frampier, Zakaï will reveal and destabilize the space and the work of Délicat Pulse with a performance characterized by a sense of humour and a simplicity proper to her work.

Born in Israel, living in Europe. During the past years Adva Zakai has been exploring various performance formats where she has acted as a choreographer, a performer or an organiser. Her choreographic works explore often how body and language are perceived through each other, and evoke an experience that can be grasped through multiple perspectives. Her work is presented in theatres, art centers, apartments and online platforms. During 2010, she obtained an artistic research grant, in the framework of the post master program a.pass in Antwerp, in which she researched the influence of a curatorial approach on the development of new performance formats. She pursued dance education in Israel followed by studies at the Mime School, Amsterdam (2000-2002). Her practice involves collaborations with other artists on participative projects, conferences and festivals. She is teaching performance practice in art academy Kask in Gent, Belgium, as well as leading workshops in art and dance academies.