Last update: April 2020
Since September 2019, Quartier Éphémère (QÉ) has been engaged in a legal dispute with the Collectif 7 à Nous (C7N). Despite an agreement signed by the two parties, C7N is blocking the Rail project as envisioned by QÉ from going forward. After two years of negotiation, and seeing its demands go unanswered, Quartier Éphémère, with the support of its Board of Directors, has taken the difficult decision to seek legal counsel and defend its legal rights.
The organization puts forward the following arguments:
QÉ is a visual art organization that redefines urban brownfields by transforming them into spaces adapted to artists and their publics. The organization invests in sites that contribute to revitalizing the city and enriching the social fabric.
QÉ is a founding member of C7N, a coalition of organizations and residents of Pointe-Saint-Charles who, in 2012, demanded and obtained from Groupe Mach that part of the CN shops would be ceded to the community.
In 2012, Groupe Mach ceded the building, now known as Bâtiment 7, to QÉ for artistic, cultural, and community purposes.
Subsequently, QÉ and C7N agreed upon the future division of the building: C7N would transform its share into community services, whereas QÉ would develop artists’ studios and art research and education spaces. The developer handing over the building to C7N was conditional on this agreement and was stipulated in the deed of transfer signed by the parties.
In 2017, C7N began the development of its section before QÉ, due to immediate access to funds for the project.
Now that QÉ is ready to begin its part of the project, the organization is waiting for C7N to comply with the retrocession agreement endorsed and duly signed by both parties. No more and no less.
The resulting project will be designed and operated in a way that complements the project developed by C7N at Bâtiment 7. It will be constructive for the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighborhood and address the great need for artists’ studios in Montreal, while also fulfilling the initial commitment to develop this building for artistic, cultural, and community purposes.