The international residents present to the public the outcomes of their three-month residency at the Darling Foundry.

Thomas Lévy-Lasne (FR), the recipient of the FAWU residency, puts on display his charcoal drawings composed after photographic montages. Thomas Lévy-Lasne’s drawings and paintings present the viewer with apparently banal scenes, which look like snapshots of everyday life: dancers jumbling in a party, a lover languishingly lying on a bed after love, a domestic situation or a gathering in the street. These works however result from a painstaking construction process based on photographic montages, which are rendered in a hyperrealistic manner. In doing so, Lévy-Lasne is not so much interested in competing with the realism (facticious in any case) of photography, but rather in exploring with passion the virtually illimited transformations of spaces and textures in an image, as unremarkable as it is.

Alejandra Bonilla Restrepo (COL), the recipient of the Residency of the Americas, unveils some aspects of her current investigation, aimed at Universal Variety Company, the supposedly last variety show company in the world. An artist based in Bogotá, Colombia, Alejandra Bonilla Restrepo develops a work based on fictional strategies and plastic narrations directed towards a reflection on the human condition. Using various mediums such as collage, drawing, artist book, installation and performance, Bonilla Restrepo weaves history, language, imagination and politics into a kind of aesthetical and ethical laboratory.

A screening of Thomas Lévy-Lasne's short films is scheduled at 8.30pm.

In English and in French.

Entrance through 250 Queen St.