Marion Lessard / Ça et là


The final proposition of this group exhibition, Ça et là is by the Marion Lessard collective and is based on a stream of observations of Place Publique. Negotiating an effect of distance and proximity, the collective will offer commentaries and descriptions on the works installed on Ottawa Street and the day-to-day occurrences happening there. This approach, which accounts for uncertain presences and unpredictable absences entails a paradoxical gesture: that of speaking out without expecting to be heard. The comments, thoughts, and reactions of the Marion Lessard collective will be broadcast live via an old jobsite radio and retransmitted online, with a time delay of a few seconds, on WJFL 107.7 FM, the pirate radio station of the Fonderie Darling artists. An act of projection and attribution, the work takes up an indiscernible position where interior and exterior merge and where live, recorded, and broadcast voices succeed each other. Through these contradictions, Ça et là disorients listeners, confounds expectations by the very act of making us wait, and helps us to imagine a form of withdrawal.

While Everything Merges, Emerges, then Fades Again began with a sequence of annotations in rear projection, the exhibition ends with a series of comments, descriptions, and observations spoken out loud in the public space and on the web. This intervention closes the loop, in both space and time, by commenting on the things that are fading from the street before they’ve even had time to form clearly in our minds. Up to its last throes, this project, which calls for responses, rebounds, and ricochets, will be marked by the inevitable distance of interactions, the lag-time of exchanges, and by unique trajectories that ultimately bring us back to the starting point.  


Place publique

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