Fall Exhibitions Opening

On Friday, September 8, starting at 5 PM, the Darling Foundry visual arts centre inaugurates its fall program.

Presented as part of MOMENTA, the exhibition ERIN SHIRREFF – CONCRETE BUILDINGS presents a pair of projections of two buildings designed and built by the American artist Donald Judd in Marfa, Texas. In a subtle video montage blending archival images and pictures taken in situ, the artist challenges our relationship with the image by sowing doubt in the spectator’s eye.

A similar ambiguity between past and present can be found with Gilbert Boyer’s evolutionary work PERMIS10H57. In this work, produced for the City of Montréal’s Promenade Fleuve-Montagne, Boyer reactivates an intervention that took place in 1997, inviting visitors to walk along a poetic pathway, in the Darling Foundry neighbourhood, that will continue virtually on social networks.

Finally, Antoine Caron’s work Unité d’habitation, which has been in process continually since the beginning of the summer, also confronts a number of timeframes of the Darling Foundry and its environment. The installation will be in place until October 29, 2017 in the Place Publique.