Guillaume Adjutor Provost


Guillaume Adjutor Provost has been developing for nearly ten years a work oriented towards the development of spaces of hospitality and collaboration with a community of peers, often from the performance like him, but also with actors coming from non artistic backgrounds and from which stories need to be told. This space of hospitality materializes here in the discursive and polyphonic form of the book, which becomes a kind of extension of the eld of conversation put in place by the artistic practice of Provost. Conceived by the artist himself as a platform for invitations, discussions and exchanges, this book brings together four essays that form as many points of entry into the work.

Drinkers of Quintessences


The bilingual catalogue Drinkers of Quintessences was produced in conjunction with the eponym group exhibition presented at the Darling Foundry in spring 2018 and at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain in winter 2019. Bringing together the work of twelve Canadian and European artists to explore the concept of emptiness in art, the exhibition represents a landmark  in the history of the Darling Foundry. Richly illustrated, the publication documents the works of Fortner Anderson, Steve Bates, Marie- Claire Blais, Olivia Boudreau, Claude Closky, Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, Alexandre David, Adriana Disman, Kitty Kraus, Stéphane La Rue, Kelly Mark, and János Sugár.



Following a series of monographic exhibitions held in Europe and North America between 2008 and 2011, this publication offers a first survey of the multi-facetted work of the Austrian/Canadian artist Klaus Scherübel.



The book, It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon, edited by Alexandra Baudelot, accompanies her exhibition at the Darling Foundry. Between a monograph and an artist's book, this publication brings together texts by various authors exploring the five themes of the exhibition, and which are also present in Ulla von Brandenburg's wider work. 



This first monographic catalog of Jon Knowles covers the last ten years of the artist's exhibitions and comes in the wake of the Darling Foundry 's commitment to his production: provision of a long-term studio, presentation of his exhibition Mixed Misuse and this edition, the Last Decayed.