Amber Berson

Amber Berson is a writer, curator, and PhD student who is conducting her research at Queens University on the subject of artist-run culture and feminist, utopian thinking.


The research of curator Amber Berson brings forth and extends foundations in utopic feminist movements and socialist imaginaries, comprised of collective self-management, self-determination, childcare and pay equity, and antiracist practices. Taking an intersectional feminist stance, she hopes to articulate several issues that will be dismantled through the continual use of feminist projects.

Recent exhibitions


The Let Down Reflex, co-curator with Julianna Driever, group exhibition, EFA Project Space, New York


Trailmix with Alice Jarry & Christian Pelletier, Andrea Campbell and Jan Hostettler, co-curator with Eliane Ellbogen, Eastern Bloc, Montréal


* ~ ._.: * JENNIFER X JENNIFER *:. ~, with Jennifer Chan and Jennifer Cherniak, co-curator with Eliane Ellbogen, Eastern Bloc, Montréal


The Wild Bush Residency, group residency, Lac Paquin, Québec and Amden, Switzerland