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The end of 2021 is the right time to help us perpetuate our mission. Your support has a direct impact on Fonderie Darling’s program and activities.


By donating to Quartier Éphémère, you are:

• Supporting artistic creation;

• Encouraging the dissemination of work by emerging artists;

• Participating in the creation of avant-garde projects in the heart of the city;

• Developing our cultural mediation activities.


We are counting on you to conclude Fonderie Darling's 19th year on a promising note!

You can also make a donation directly at the reception desk of Fonderie Darling, or by cheque made out to Quartier Éphémère.

First large cultural donation? 

Did you know that exceptional tax measures set out by the Ministère du Revenu Québec allow for a single large increase of 25% for major donations between $5,000 and $25,000 to charitable organizations. More information on tax benefits here.

If you have any questions about donations or need assistance in making a donation, please contact Lorena Sanchez Rojas

Having a Charitable status, Quartier Éphémère can issue tax receipts for any donation made through our online form, and from $25 for donations made by cheque or at the front desk. 


We use Simplyk as our online donation platform, as it gives back 100% of donations to organizations without deducting transaction fees. This platform is powered by voluntary contributions, so if you do not want to contribute in addition to your donation to Quartier Éphémère, simply choose "other amount" in the corresponding section and enter "0".