Régis Baudy

Video has been prominently apparent from his first realisations, and all have the basic assumption to be in close collaboration with its surrounding communities. An approach to the medium that explores the entanglements of different fictional and documentary elements that an image of reality can produce and extend.


Régis Baudy was born in 1977 and currently lives and works in Brussels. He began his studies at the Higher School of Art Perpignan and then continued on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. His works have been exhibited throughout France but also in Rabat, Copenhagen, Berlin, Madrid and Vienna.

Recent exhibitions


Le stade de la soif, Le Cube - independent art room, Rabat, Marocco


Fishing melody, FRAC NPDC - Le 180, Dunkerque, France


Shadows in paradise, FRAC NPDC au Musée d’Histoire de la ville d’Harnes, France


Team et Territoire, Pollen, Monflanquin, France