Ernesto Bautista

Based in El Salvador, artist Ernesto Bautista has developed his own theory of fire: the core idea of which places this element as a means of creation at the heart of his interdisciplinary practice. Life, death, violence or identity, act as recurring themes within his work. Bautista seeks to create a dialogue, as well as new narratives, through contrasting ideas which may at first seem contradictory or even absurd.



Ernesto Bautista work's has been shown in Mexico D.F., U.S.A., Honduras, Peru, Guatemala and Austria among others. He was recently nominated for the Paul Klee Foundation Award in Switzerland and the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Production Grant. He has been the recipient of important recognitions such as the first place in the Salvadorean Art Museum Marte's auction. He has also participated in residencies in China and Colombia.