Daphné Boxer

Daphné Boxer's most recent research focuses on architecture and the impact of new technologies on the cultural landscape of urban environments. She is guided by an underlying curatorial interest in examining the legacies of spatial erasure in relation to contemporary notions of progress and related forms of political and cultural resistance. During her residency at FUTURA, she plans to examine how several Czech artists have used Surrealist, fantastical, symbolic and esoteric themes to question, react to and resist their oppressing times.


Boxer is an independent curator based in Montreal. In 2016, she and curator Eli Kerr co-founded VIE D’ANGE, an independent project space and residency program which focused on site specific installations. The exhibition program borrows framing devices from theatre to explore the internalization of economic and historical complexities within rapidly shifting physical and cultural environments. Boxer holds a BA in art history from UQÀM and also studied in English literature and Intermedia Cyber Arts. In 2018, she and Eli Kerr were invited to a curatorial residency at Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Recent exhibitions


Condemned, solo show by Alan Belcher, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal


Folk Hall for a Village, solo show by Emily Jones, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
Folly, solo show by Abbas Akhavan, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
Wst Sd Clb, solo show by Carlos Reyes, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
Title II, group show co-curated with Christopher Kulendran Thomas et Eli Kerr, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal
Our Thing, group show co-curated with Eli Kerr, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal


When Things Become Thoughts: A Sinkhole in my Terraformed Mind, group show curated by VIE D'ANGE, MAW Gallery, New York (USA)
Une Tombe peu profonde pour un homme élancé, solo show by Edwin Isford, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
W.W.O.O.F.I.N.G., group show, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
GUTTERSNIPES, two-person show by Nadia Belerique and Jenine Marsh, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
The State of Happiness, solo show by Rachel Maclean, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal


Jean-François Lauda et Brendan Flanagan, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal
Vie d'ange, group show, VIE D'ANGE, Montreal