Conversation: Dan S. Wang & Michael Eddy

Michael Eddy and Dan S. Wang first crossed paths at the artist-run culture hub HomeShop in Beijing in the early summer of 2011, after the Arab Spring and before Occupy Wall Street. The context was social and DIY, a score of artists and writers, self-organized for the purposes of a ‘drift’ around and from the capital city.

Nine years later at Fonderie Darling, this time in an exhibition context, it is the art works of Michael Eddy and Dan S. Wang that stand in conversation with each other, respectively occupying the Small Gallery and the Reading Platform. In the spirit of continuing this artistic exchange and friendship, together with curator Milly-Alexandra Dery, the artists will discuss a selection of their works, bringing to bear their combined obsessions for material play, political gestures made wry, and the constant struggle to unblock discursive impasses—now against the backdrop of current upheavals and the forced restructuring of a global pandemic.

The conversation will take place live on the platform Zoom. The public is invited to interact during the question period.