Tess Edmonson

An art critic originally from Calgary, Tess Edmonson’s primary focus is publishing and curatorial work. Inspired by new curatorial approaches, she tackles her own subjective experience as a curator often placing herself as an “amateur” within the art world. She explores the ways in which obsession and enthusiasm are sources of creativity. Through her investigation of gallery space and publications she highlights tension between text and the narrative dimension. Edmonson has organized different events and workshops that engage with diverse communities and open up dialogue about art critique.


Tess Edmonson graduated in 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts at Concordia University. She is a founding editor of Palimpsest magazine and a contributor to the Canadian Art Magazine, with whom she won the annual Editor-in- residence summer 2011. In recent years, she organized several exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art such as Khyper ICA (Halifax), Gallery Territories and Eastern Bloc (Montreal).