Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach

The artist couple Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach work with different media around two central issues: One is on landscape, mountains and origin, and the other is on technology, communication and the Interface of the analog and digital world. Therefore, they conceive long term projects, that develop organically in places best fitted for the work.


Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach have been working together since 2014. In 2015, Flurina received her Master's degree in Fine Arts and Jérémie his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Institut Kunst HGK FHNW Basel. Jérémie was previously trained as a woodcarver and Flurina as a professional filmmaker.


2014 - 2016 OUR BEDROOM, 13 exhibitions, various Places
2015 - WORLD MX. Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland
2015 - LOOSE THINKING Kunsthausbaselland, Switzerland
2015 - ÜBERMORGENKÜNSTLER Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany
2015 - IMPRESSION Kunsthaus Grenchen, Switzerland
2015 - ANGE(SE)HEN Basler Münster, Switzerland
2015 - ZUR FROHEN AUSSICHT Ernen, Switzerland
2015 - SKYPE SCULPTURE  Strasbourg, France