Joshua Schwebel will present an artist's talk on the event of his exhibition "A Dream in Which I Am You" and the launch of his novel (co-written with his sister, Shoshana Schwebel).

During the talk Schwebel will unwrap this expansive project that he developed over the past two and a half years. The artist's talk, performing the work's narrative unspooling from its source, will repeat and release the project's memory. 

The project began in 2015 when Schwebel was selected for a research residency in Poland hosted by the Tadeusz Kantor Foundation. The residency offered a chance to encounter the work of Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990), a pre-eminent artist of Poland’s avant-garde, whose interdisciplinary practice powerfully addressed trauma, loss, and memory in the wake of the Holocaust.

The current work involves a sequence of symbolic gestures orbiting around the relationship between absence and memory cobbled together into a gestural work, using absence a tool to split and double the artist, and his account of what happened. By combining fictional and historical sources, the project as a whole questions the relation between identity and memory, asking whose memories occupy us when we remember.