Claudia Passeri

Claudia Passeri creates artworks that are intimately and ambiguously in relation to the environment in which they are produced, thus questioning our perception of place and space. Depending on site and context, her pieces take on different social, political and environmental connotations. With a hint of irony, her research has a neo-romantic dimension that aims to reveal mechanisms that activate creation and challenge our view of the world. During her residency in Montreal, the artist will carry out a research on the vast natural territories and their economic, migratory and social management policies. Closely connected to memory, hopes and clichés, the artist questions our perception of landscapes from both local and outside points of view. 


Claudia Passeri lives and works in Luxembourg. She studied graphic design, scenography, and photography in Boulogne, Brussels and Rome. Since 2002, her work has been shown regularly in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the United States. In 2006, she founded the curatorial project Agence Borderline along with Michele Walerich. In 2011, she was the laureate of the Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg, which led to a four-month residency at ISCP in New York in 2012. A selection of her latest works was exhibited in the Musée d’Art Moderne (Mudam) in Luxembourg and at the BOZAR in Brussels. In 2015, she had a solo exhibition at the Centre d’Art Nei Liicht of Dudelange (Luxembourg). Since early 2016, she presents a monumental permanent work (Zeitgeist - Karl Cobain) at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’Art Contemporain.