Aline Veillat

From the first of her travels, Veillat developed a feel for the changing of worlds and the comforts of home that can be found in the unknown. Most of her work is done as new-media installations in which she seeks to transform the spectator into a visitor-wanderer-explorer. Whether using natural elements like a river or plants to transform a space, or voice to confide an experience, each of her installations need to be discovered patiently by observing and listening— none can be seized with a first impression. Through the use of contemporary technology, Veillat makes us perceive the world around us— a world in motion, even if imperceptible, and its involvement in our lives. Like the protocols of experimentation in the Sciences and Humanities, nobody— not even the artist— knows exactly what will happen, what will become during this exploration.


Aline Veillat was born on Reunion Island, a little piece of France in the Indian Ocean, and grew-up in Rabat, Morocco. In recent years she has lived and worked in Basel, Switzerland. Between 1992 and 2002 she studied digital and technological art at the University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis in France and the Ecole Cantonale Art de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Recent exhibitions


Collective exhibition Flumen/Linea, Kunsthalle/Filature, Mulhouse, France
Sound Mobility, Locus Sonus, Aix en Provence, France
Collective exhibition Poetic Science, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto-Rico


Media-Art Biennale 2013, exposition collective, WRO art center, Wroclaw, Poland


Collective exhibition Hiden/Obvious, Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel, Switzerland