Iliana Antonova

Iliana Antonova is a curator with a special interest in alternative spaces for showing art, attempting to create a context in which artists' works can be presented by virtue of their own internal logic. Her texts have been published in ETC Revue de l'art actuel, C Magazine and Fukt: A magazine for contemporary drawing.


Iliana Antonova graduated in Art History at Concordia University, Montreal, in 2008. Since then she has worked intensely as a critic, curator and art administrator. She co-founded (with David Armstrong Six) the Silver Flag Gallery in 2010 where she has curated numerous exhibitions and firmly established herself as one of the most relevant young curators of the Montreal art scene.

Recent exhibitions


Scott Lyall: Sittlichkeit


Sarah Greig: A Group Show, Silver Flag, Montréal

Klaus Scherübel: Le Charme discret d’un espace alternative, Silver Flag, Montréal

Euan MacDonald: 9,000 Pieces, Silver Flag, Montréal