Thomas Bégin

Both in his installations and performances, Montreal artist Thomas Bégin brilliantly combines the goals of scientist who aspires to the realization of these, to the playful overflow of the artist who can get lost in the maze of creation but who also aspires to an exemplary finality of the work. Multidisciplinary artist, he wonders and distords by minimizing the active ingredients in the sciences that study meticulously. he offers his own theorems in fields such as mechanics and optics to ultimately develop its own cybernetic and art.

Recent exhibitions


Mendel Art galerie, Saskatoon, curator : David Larivière.


Residency-event, art center Est-Nord-Est, curators : Dominique Allard et Véronique Leblanc
Concert programm, sound art, Centre Sporobole, Sherbrooke, curator : Jean-Pierre Aubé


Objet inusité, Eastern Block, Montréal

Festival Sight and Sound, Eastern Bloc, Montréal

Manif d’art de Québec, curatpor : Éric Mattson

Metal Cinema Machine, Concert/performance, Montréal


Artcade Gallery, Marseille, France


Full Spectrum, Tournée des maisons de la culture de Montréal, Conseil
des arts de Montréal, Elektra et l’ACREQ