Mark Brown

Multimedia artist, Mark Brown makes in situ installations as well as photographs, and works with sounds to explore the phenomenology of space, architecture and acoustic atmospheres. His approach evolves into a poetic relationship with the site. Thus, the artist is giving a critique of the history and function of architecture, while documenting and revealing invisible phenomena. 


Mark Brown lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He earned a Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts in 1997. Since, he continues to develop a research project entitled Beyond Shelter, using concepts related to architecture that he explored during his formation. His work is regularly exhibited in Australia, including the First Draft Gallery, the Faculty of Art and Design Gallery, Newcastle University (Newcastle), Artspace Centre for Contemporary Art (Sydney), and RMIT Gallery & Conical Gallery (Melbourne). Interested in electronic music and sound art, he has performed at the digital music's conference Waveform, held at the School for the Contemporary Arts University of Western Sydney, and at Impermanent Audio, a monthly event on sound art and experimental music at Imperial Slacks Gallery (Sydney).

Recent exhibitions


19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, UTS Gallery, Sydney


Rubble to Dust + Graffiti, ICAN, Sydney


Buffer Zone, Newington Armoury, Sidney

Kreis#1. Constellations: A Large Number of Small Drawings, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne