Nicholas Brown


Nicholas Brown is a canadian curator based in New Haven, Connecticut. He is currently exhibition's coordinator at the ISM Gallery of Yale University. He was curator for the Nuit Blanche Scotiabank in Toronto (2011) and for Red Bull 381 Projects from 2008 to 2010. In 2009, he organises Reverse Pedagogy II, a nomadic art school that took place during the 53rd Venice Biennal. Nicholas Brown also writes for publications such as Fillip, Hunter and Cook and C Magazine.

Recent exhibitions


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Zone C, Toronto

Artists: Raymond Boisjoly, Maura Doyle, Mark Dudiak, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Jacob Gleeson, Curtis Grahauer, Jeremy Jansen et Niall McClelland, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel et Geoffrey Pugen, Camilo Ontiveros, Kate Sansom

The Other Painting Competition, The Art Gallery of Ontario (with Paul Butler), Weston Learning Centre

Artists: Dean Baldwin, Valerie Blass, Jason de Haan, Guy Maddin, Kelly Mark



STRATA , solo exhibition of Jessica Eaton at Red Bull 381 Projects (RB381P), Toronto

Traffic Talks: Ron Terada in conversation with Nicholas Brown, University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto. À l,occasion de l'exposition Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980


Artists: Abbas Akhavan, Kelly Jazvac, and Ron Tran

Doing Five Things, residency and exhibition at RB381P

Artists: Sebastian Koever and Christine Swintak