Christian Bumbarra Thompson

The work of Christian Bumbarra Thompson focuses mainly on the performative exploration of multiple identities. he dwells in a range of characters which he gives life by simple costumes, poses and settings carefully orchestrated. As a young Aboriginal artist, his practice transcends the absorption of a variety of cultures. In his most recent work, Thompson combines traditional Australian Aboriginal scenarios, sensationalist ornamentation and began to explore a new intercontinental and theatrically postcolonial identity.


Christian Thompson Bumbarra is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford in Philosophy of Art.In 2011, he took part at the Greene Street Studio residency in New York Arts thanks to the Art Council of Australia. His work is showed in museums, galleries, international biennials such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Gwacheon-si, Korea), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sydney, and the 17th International Biennale of Sydney, Australia, in 2010 .
The Chalk Horse Gallery (Sydney) and Gabrielle Pizzi Gallery (Melbourne) represent him.

Recent exhibitions


Lost Together, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne (solo)


Australian Graffiti, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne