Paul De Guzman

"For the past few years, my artistic practice has been characterized by a conceptual and linguistic approach toward the institutional nature of architecture through the creation of transient and temporary structures using linguistic and architectural strategies. Employing various media appropriate for each project - text, sculpture, installation, photography, sound and video, performance and social practice - an increasingly important outcome of my artistic investigation recognizes the roles of language, architecture and most recently, religion, as mechanisms of control.

In 2010, I founded MAA - Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics. Currently acting as its Director, MAA is a research-based itinerant project concerned with issues surrounding the city and the social interactions involving architecture and the urban environment. MAA collaborates with individuals and organizations on site-specific projects and curatorial presentations. As a nomadic entity, MAAutilizes various artistic methods to record and present an archive of urban and social experiences that engage with contemporary ideas relating to urbanism, post-colonialism and personal pedagogy." Paul de Guzman


Born in Manila, The Philippines where he studied Engineering, de Guzman immigrated to Canada in 1986. Although currently living in Vancouver, his artistic practice is post-studio and nomadic, and his autodidactic education in art was achieved by reading texts on art, theory and architecture. His work can be seen at Birch Libralato in Toronto (Canada) and Galerie Transit in Mechelen (Belgium).

Recent exhibitions


Paul de Guzman, Burnaby Art Gallery Outreach program, Tommy Douglas Library, Burnaby

the people are the city, the people are the city, the people are the city, Vancouver Heritage Foundation at the CBC Plaza's The Wall, Vancouver


Fieldwork, Black & Yellow at The Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver (curator: Jessica Delorme)

MAA presents Digger – ephemera by Paul de Guzman, Galerie Transit, Mechelen, Belgium


MAA - Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics, Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver


Une Autre Ville - Another City (with Yoshihiro Suda), Musée d’art de Joliette, Joliette (curators: Masashi Ogura et Makiko Hara)

Parasite Paradise: 1999-2009, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto

Another City (with Yoshihiro Suda), Centre A, Vancouver (curators: Masashi Ogura et Makiko Hara)