Guillaume Gattier

Observer of the everyday, the banal, the discarded, Gattier finds the material for his pieces in popular and underground cultures. Photographs found on demolition sites, washed out children's drawings, burnt tree branches, old magazines, second hand vinyls, objects which seemed to have been abandoned by their owners find a new life in Gattier's installations, reminders of the cruel failure of their old life. His works shows a certain virtuosity in its staging, a celebration of the intellect as an instrument of survival, confronted by the unavoidable tragedy of the human condition.


Born in 1982 in Annecy. A bad student, he became a carpenter before enrolling, almost by chance, in the art school of his birth town. Trying not to finish anything, he resigned from his position of student after obtaining a grant to go to New York (2007). He moved to Berlin for a while (2008) before going to see his friends in Marseille. Seduced by the climate, he decided to settle down in the city where he now lives and works since 2009.

Recent exhibitions


157 Days of sunshine, The Walled Garden, Glasgow, Scotland


Bauhaus "entretenir les choses matérielles", kunstforum, Essen, Germany


Art-o-rama's Show room, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France


Les possédé(e)s, HLM, Marseille, France


Rien comme quelque chose se produit quelques part, Domaine de St Ser, Puyloubier, France