Jan Hostettler

Working with different media, Jan Hostettler has developed techniques that allow chance to intervene in his compositions. The ideas of movement and trompe-l'oeil characterize his artistic practice, situated between painting and sculpture. The works he creates have an ever-shifting materiality, whose perspective and scale he sometimes tampers with. This causes images to drip from the walls, drawings to be endlessly redrawing themselves and shapes to seem to float. 


Born in 1981, Jan Hostettler graduated from the Basel School of Art and Design in 2011. He is cofounder of the artspace Tom Bola in Zürich. He lives and works between Basel and Zurich.

Recent exhibitions


Six Sides of the Cube, Bishop & Deuxpiece, Brooklyn NYC, USA.
Jan Hostettler, Jack Callahan, Julie Park, Jesse Gamage, Bianca Hildenbrand,Whitney Ramage
Curated by Bianca Hildenbrand & Whitney Ramage


Global Club, Oboro Art Space, Montreal


L'Ouverture, Raum FALKO, Basel


Dummeit, Tom Bola, Zürich