Levi Orta

A Havana-based artist, Levi Orta creates video installations based on performative actions. His practice sets a critical gaze on representations of power and ideological stereotypes. While analyzing events in Cuban history or diverse facts featuring either marginal or famous people, he questions spaces marked by domination or authority in specific socio-political contexts. He also engages in the interpretation of the political system's mechanisms and faults.

Recent exhibitions


Our Work is Never Over, PhotoEspaña, Matadero, Madrid
Open score, Hispano-American Cultural Center, 11 Havana Biennal, Cuba
 Arte no es Fácil, LinksHall, Chicago


Menu, FelipaManuela, Madrid
International Video Art Festival Camagüey, Camagüey, Cuba.
How to Work (More for) Less, Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland


Manners to interpret the power, Sala Zero, Havana, Cuba