Lucie Le Bouder

The relation between art and architecture is a recurrent question in the work of Lucie Le Bouder. She uses the sculptural potential of space, its material and perceptual properties. She works in between sculpture, installation and drawing, expressing, at the same time, order and chaos, construction and deconstruction.


Born in 1986, Lucie Le Bouder graduated from the Écoles des Beaux Arts de Nantes in 2010. She lives and works in Paris. 

Recent exhibitions


Layers - galerie 22,48m2, Paris (artist and curator of the exhibition)


Les détectives sauvages - Standards, Biennale OFF des ateliers de Rennes.


Abscisses, Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris (artist and curator of the exhibition).


Fragments, exposition personnelle, galerie 22,48m2, Paris