Small Gallery


This room is adjacent to the large gallery and presents the following characteristics:

• Total surface of 1100 pieds² (102 m²)
• Mobile projectors on electrical rails and neon lights give full control on lighting
• Temperature is regulated by a heating and air conditioning system
• 67 ft (22 m) continuous picture rail
• Electrical capacity of 500 amps in three-phases on 2 Cam-lock panels of 100 and 400 amps
• Access to 4 toilets and 2 sinks
• Parking available after 5pm and on weekends
• Possibility of high speed internet access
• Wheelchair access

In addition we offer:

• Maintenance service
• Equipment for rent at low prices, reducing extra charges and obligations associated with external rentals (transportation charges, security...).

For any questions or rental requests, please fill in the rental application form.