Possible Awakenings #1

The first part of the performance series Possible Awakenings invites the public to create collectively in a lab of experimentation and radio retransmission. Through a performative shaping of the present moment, the exercises presented by the artist Miranda Jones and the collective of the auto-workshops embrace spontaneous creation and improvisation as modes of interaction. The space of Place Publique, the audience, and the objects -randomly found or carefully researched- thus determine what the work becomes in a non-hierarchical manner.


6PM - Miranda Jones - Slow Growth

To be followed live during the event: https://studioxx.org/en/radio/ or listened to around the Darling Foundry on 91.0 FM

Slow Growth is a dance and radio experiment. We will attempt to zoom in, through sound and gesture, on the inner processes of flowers growing in a participatory and attentive environment. The sounds collected in this research will be 'narrowcast' live to a listening radio audience on a local station. Miranda Jones and her collaborators Bára Hladíková and Anne White use the strategies of devised theatre and pirate radio to develop a collective work, the audience, and the objects around them. Through a series of unobtrusive and diverse actions, the artists and their interactants—the performers/devisors—produce a visual and sonic composition that is recorded and transmitted live on Ottawa Street, as well as on a nearby frequency as a pirate radio program. This experiment draws a parallel between the story experienced by the subtle observers of a moment in the making in Place Publique and that encountered by listeners in the vicinity. Unfolding as an improvised scenario, the visual and sonic composition forms a choreography in which the performers and objects affect their immediate environment and vice versa.

Miranda Jones (choreography) is an emerging artist whose art practice interweaves dance, sound, radio, and theatre. Collective creation and a sense of play are central to her practice. She is the co-AD of Ring O’ Rosie performance collective and a member of media collective The XX Files.

Bára Hladíková (sound design) is an interdisciplinary sound artist who works in radio, installation, theatre, performance, and design. She has exhibited and performed her work across so-called Canada and is currently based in Tio’tiá:ke, Montréal.

Anne White (dramaturge) lives in Peterborough, ON, where she makes performance. She is interested in combining multiple disciplines, including theatre, dance, film, audio and poetry, and her work is often site-specific.

Performer-collaborators are Naomie Doirilus, Maxine Dannatt, and Jazmyn.

The artists and the Darling Foundry thank Studio XX for their help with the radio diffusion of the performance. 

7:30PM - The collective of the auto-workshops

As a platform for a unique relational experience, the auto-workshops explore the artistic and social possibilities of empty spaces and the emancipatory power of collective action. The collective selects vacant lots as spaces for performance and experimentation, then activates the objects and detritus found there through improvisation exercises. Once used, the objects are placed back where they were found, leaving no trace of their course except in the imagination of the participants. The collective of the auto-workshops sometimes recounts these chance encounters at impromptu public presentations and for this performance, invites the public of the Darling Foundry to co-create the next stories with it. 

Since 2016, the auto-workshops have been bringing together artists and non-artists to experiment with artistic performance and group organization. The project's name is based on the desire to do something "yourself", in the spirit of knowledge sharing and the self-determination of practices.  

Starting at 6 PM, come and enjoy the local craft beer from our generous sponsor, the microbrewery 4 Origins Brewing Co.'s and tacos by Café Cantina (cash only)!

Dj set of bb boris @brb.boriz https://www.mixcloud.com/bbboris/


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