Mickael Batard

The art practice of Mickael Batard is undoubtedly rooted in the predestination of the quest to and the implication of his name. Batard of whom? Of what? He still hesitates between the comic and the desolation while at the same time trying to affirm the quest of his own name that appears in various work groups: sculpture, installations, photography, drawing and CDs. He uses all kinds of materials, objects and images that he gathers in unstable, changing systems: between high and low-tech, a hazy practice (radioactive actually) in perpetual "morphing".

He practices the city, looking for acid deposition on the ground, at the junction of the floor and the wall, where we leave the trash; carrying along his caddy relates somehow to experiments in the urban space, inaugurated by derivatives of the Situationists: a playful-constructive behavior that makes him rectify chance or continuation by necessity; preferring an evening at dusk, "found material" in Marseille, via the crowded sidewalks of the street, "pleasure" rather than crossing the square of anything arbitrary, too empty and illuminated.


Mickael Batard was born in 1970 and works and lives in Marseille. He holds a postgraduate degree in Esthetics, technologies and artistic creation and a master in Photography and multimedia. His work has been exhibited in various places throughout France.

Recent exhibitions


Biennale Dak'art Off, Galerie DEFFART, Dakar, Senegal
Bloody Mary : un cabinet de curiosité, Aperto, Montpellier, France
Buy-Selff, Galerie Corentin Hamel, Paris, France


Des briques bien mutées, Galerie du tableau, Marseille, France
Moucharabiehs, Atelier-galerie RLBQ, Marseille, France