Christophe Barbeau

For several years, Christophe Barbeau's research has focused on the specific concept of "authorship" in relation to the position and construction of the figure of the curator. By working with the medium of the exhibition, he aims to deconstruct the conventions and naturalization of curatorial authority and to reveal the political stakes confronting this figure.


Christophe Barbeau holds a BFA from Université Laval (2015) and an MA in Curatorial Studies from the University of Toronto (2018), where he received the Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award. During his MA, his research focused on a political understanding of the figure of the curator, activated by an auctorial conception specific to that of a curatorial position of authority. His final MFA exhibition, and I am the curator of this show1, was presented at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto in 2018. What did we do? We said no to each other [...] an exhibition that takes curatorial writing as its research object, was presented in a private apartment in Toronto in 2019.

Recent exhibitions


Tu m'enveloppes et je te contiens, Exposition de groupe, Fonderie Darling, Montréal


Kustosova delovna soba (The Curator’s Room), Toronto


and I am the curator of this show1, Art Museum University of Toronto, Toronto