Performance by Cha Ji Ryang

The first Korean artist in residency at Darling Foundry in partnership with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, Cha Ji Ryang finds his inspiration from geopolitical concepts to create fictions that he presents in video and multimedia installations. Alongside musicians and performers, the artist invites you to enter his creative universe for 가나다 [Ga-Na-Da], an immersive performance he imagined based on the concept of immigration, a recurring theme in his work.

‘Bat is not Originally Reversed’ is a project developed by collaboration with young adults who are second or third generation of immigrants. They experience discord of communication and imagine new possibilities in contemporary society. As an artist, I created an imaginary nation to interact with local residents. As I focused on interaction as a form of communication, I started to think new media as a primitive communication. This project studies communication that uses high technology and primitive image in various directions.

“I act like a bat. I live in cave. I learn a flying skill and a technical seclusion for survival. I was not in dark originally. I did not cry alone originally. I invite you so that I can hear a sound that I originally have.”

* ‘Kanata’ is a name of the nation, which means ‘settlement’ in native language. This nation has a history of immigration, conflict and compromise. How does a stigma of immigrant influence their new life? ‘A’ sometimes feels himself similar to a bat. B shouts in where nobody can hear because of the difficulty of communication. C follows the regulations step by step for a new life. It requires effort for them to be accepted as an equal individual to natives (current Canadian).

** ‘가나다’ is a new ethnic group, who reclusively grew up in a cave. They trade originals as a copy and invade originals. They attempt to survive as a new ethnic group by inviting natives (current Canadian) and exchanging greetings, performing a ceremony and having a conversation with them.

Cast: Ah reum (Chieftain), Bang (Powwow), Eric you (Fairy), ChaChaCha (Raider), Joseph (Saint) 

Translator: Sachi

Director: Cha Ji Ryang