Artist Talk | Simon Boudvin

Just like the Coney Island madness that spread through Manhattan's grid, the « spectacle of the decade » is now spreading through the neighborhoods of Montreal. In the streets, sculptural elements stand out. Architectural details, public sanctuary and technical equipments seem to belong to the same category of monuments borrowing the same materials, the same languages. The legacy of Expo67 is found in the continuous show of festivities, but also fossilized in these urban totems, from volum to finely drawn geometry catafalque to ostentatious and technological innovations.

During his residency at the Darling Foundry, Simon Boudvin intends through photography, to draw up a small inventory, regularly intersected by quotations from guides and reports about the universal exhibition, drawn from his research in the archives of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. The talk will be an opportunity to share our thoughts about this collection which is a new kind of repertoire of Decorative Arts in Montreal architecture. 

Images : 600 de la Gauchetière Street West, (Banque Nationale Tower), Sylvia Gottwald-Thapar architect, 1983 / 2100 Clark Street (Hôtel 10), Dan Hanganu architect, 2004 / 999 boulevard Robert-Bourassa (Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale), Marcelle Ferron, artist 1977, Ken London, Provancher & Roy, architects, 1995.