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For the sixth and last evening from the performance cycle Fermons les yeux pour voir. Always mind your surroundings, interdisciplinary artist Antonija Livingstone activates Place Publique with an intervention divided in two moments spanning the duration of the evening, at 6.30pm and at 9.30pm. In this interval, Livingstone invests the visual space and all of the surfaces of Ottawa street between Queen and Prince street, so as to introduce a series of bodily and aural gestures, rituals, unexpected collaborations and combinations between beings and things.

Antonija Livingstone - Chaud

While in residency at the Darling Foundry during the whole summer, Antonija Livingstone developed an intimate relationship with the local landscape, the neighborhood's inhabitants and its passers-by, its ruins as well as its transformations. She thus created the original piece Chaud, a collection of 10 actions/objects that are performed in interchangeable sequences depending on the context. Livingstone thus intervenes on Place Publique with the complicity of Mich Cota and Brendan Dougherty, with a sense of care and heed for endangered presences and practices, caracteristic of her art.

performance : Mich Cota (Montreal), Antonija Livingstone (Berlin)
son: Economy & Failure : Brendan Dougherty (Berlin)

The artist would like to thank la Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, for its support.

Self- taught, her practice evolves via queer methods and operates at the intersection of performance and plastic arts, often in situ. Her background growing up in the midst of itinerant gold mining camps in the Canadian North West informs her intimacy with the elements and a capacity for a practice of improvised ways and means. A need for re-enchantment provokes her strategies for collaborations with visual artists, dance artists and strangers. Formerly, as a dancer and choreographer Livingstone has performed most extensively with Meg Stuart/  Damaged Goods Brussels / Berlin, and Benoit Lachambre Par BL.eux, Montreal, and her own independent work in collaboration with producer Fanny Virelizier/ KILL THE DJ, Paris. She is Associate Artist at Menagerie de Verre, Paris, France 2018.

Starting at 6 PM, join us and enjoy the Second Nature Bar of the Darling Foundry and the tacos stand by Café Cantina, on a set by DJ Daphné!

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