Filiations Evening 1 | Michelle Lacombe + Richard Martel

Michelle Lacombe and Richard Martel, two well-known performers in the artistic scenes of Montreal and Quebec, from different generations and with distinct affinities, kick off the series and launch the invitations by selecting the two artists who will perform on the second evening.


Since obtaining her BFA from Concordia University in 2006, Michelle Lacombe has developed a body-based practice. Her work has been shown in Canada, the USA, and Europe in the context of performance events, exhibitions, and colloquiums. Her practice as an artist is paralleled by a strong commitment to supporting alternative models of dissemination for live art and undisciplined practices. She is currently the director of VIVA! Art Action, a biennial performance festival.

The action presented follows the artist's characteristic form of a short artistic proposition, constructed from simple gestures and requiring a moderate, but evocative kind of physical commitment. Rather minimal, the performance seeks to confront the public with a sober, uncomfortable and poetic moment, triggering a critical reading of the contemporary female body.


Richard Martel, multidisciplinary artist who has lived in Québec City for more than twenty years, regularly shows his work and activities here and abroad. Active in many fields, he explores visual arts, mostly installation and performance, video and video installations, radio, writing, publishing, teaching and the organization of events. Founding member and coordinator of the publishing house Intervention, Richard Martel has also started the magazine Inter, art actuel, still acting as its editor. He also founded the artist-run centre Lieu, centre en art actuel (1982), where he programs the performance festival RIAP (Rencontre internationale d'art performance) in Québec City. Committed to both theory and practice, he is interested in art as a system of experimentation and transgression, and as an activity of poetic behaviour.